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starts then dies - MSM - 12-01-2012

Ok guys its been awhile but started to work on the 92 again it will start run for 5 - 10 seconds then die and won't start again unless it sets for awhile . I'm so confused on this one. I did charge fuel.filter as it needed done I also checked fuel pressure its good . What am I missing ?

starts then dies - W.V. Kelly - 12-02-2012

W. V. Kelly

starts then dies - MSM - 12-03-2012

I'm gonna check for codes today . Not much time to do so cuz I'm getting knee surgery tomorrow.

starts then dies - MSM - 12-19-2012

Well after dicking around thinking on my mark its seems like there's a clog in the fuel line somewhere. I changed the fuel filter and the same results . Has anyone ran into something like this ?