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1990 Mark VII LSC SE....$600 obo - Smokee - 02-04-2010

As much as I do love this car, my health issues force me to sell her. I offer up a 1990 Mark VII LSC SE. New stuff include a Booster style brake system overhaul (8/2009) removing all the ABS system and installing a new master cylinder and booster. New alternator 6/2009. new right rear air bag. rebuilt air pump for air ride. It now needs a complete front end rebuild as the truts are not softening the ride very good and the bushings are making a lot of groaning noise. Still drives straight as an arrow though, with no wheel wobble at all. will need a complete brake overhaul inthe near future. Body is straight as a pin; as best as I know thru CarFax, has never been in any accidents. Needs a real good power buffing. I will try to add recent pictures, hope it works ut. Interior is shot and needs total replacing.Everything works on the car. Original wheels on stock tires with 60% tread. Tires from Wal-Mart (previous owner) and there wide profile tires too.
Please call with any questions....Car is in Phoenix Az.85015. I drive it daily; gets around 23-24 mpg still. paid $400 for it 2 years ago. With new brake system installed I would like to get at least $600 . Call Smokee if interested at: 602-435-7345

1990 Mark VII LSC SE....$600 obo - HTRDLNCN - 02-04-2010

Thats not an SE...

1990 Mark VII LSC SE....$600 obo - Smokee - 02-05-2010

Well.....according to our local Lincoln Mercury Stealer, it is. The road lights were stolen right after I bought the car. I took all the 'Badges" off the car because I was planning to get her repainted. I went to buy a replacement door panel for the drivers door, and the seller had 4 Mark VII's all of them 1990 year. He showed me several places to look for how to determine if it was a SE model, and the Stealer verified it by adding the "SE" tag to the work order when I had the computers reset (I have no idea why either).

The original owner of the car, whom I bought it from also said it was when I called him and asked if he had any of the original paperwork for the car. He gave a operations booklet for the information center (center of dash) just above the comfort controls. On the cover it has the VIN # of the car and Computers id numbers. Just below those numbers was a boldface stamp that reads " for SE models ".

Hell I don't even care really....doesn't make the car any better or faster that I can see or feel. The car will sell itself......and with 185,778 miles on the odometer, I think it runs great.

1990 Mark VII LSC SE....$600 obo - eightlives - 02-05-2010

chrome bumper, mirrors, trim. etc.. Nope not an SE, and whoever told you it was is a moron sry Smile

1990 Mark VII LSC SE....$600 obo - HTRDLNCN - 02-05-2010

Sorry man, it may be a great car and good deal but it is misrepresntation to say its an SE.
It missing every single piece that makes an SE..

Body colored bumpers
Body colored door handles
Body colored mirrors
Body colored tailight trim
Black window mouldings
Body colored door lock ring
Body colored keyless entry panel on door.
SE Fender Badges are missing and it has the Normal LSC badges which SE do not have.
This is an SE (was mine) as you can see except for chrome grille and chrome on tip of side moulding entire car
is one solid color with absolutely no chrome.
[Image: LSC3.jpg]

Id go and tell that guy he is full of it..

Good luck selling it anyways,like you said its still a decent car.

1990 Mark VII LSC SE....$600 obo - metalgolem - 02-17-2010

Will the Mark VII .44Mag barrel fit on a pistol with Mark I .44Mag frame/slide/bolt etc?

1990 Mark VII LSC SE....$600 obo - SLICKRICK2 - 11-28-2010

Dont all SE's have sunroofs too??? I have a chrome bumper on my SE because I had to rebuild the front, but I dont see anything SE about this car. Still not bad for 600, where are these cars in my area!!

1990 Mark VII LSC SE....$600 obo - eightlives - 11-29-2010

no, sunroof is an option on any Mark.

1990 Mark VII LSC SE....$600 obo - SLICKRICK2 - 12-03-2010

cool I didnt know that!