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adventures of a streetracing townie - zoomie - 01-09-2010

just been reading and figured id post some of my kills on here.1987 towncar with 5.0 dual exhaust 31 inch glaspacks dumped before rear doors,ac and smog delete, iridium plugs.
kill #1 Honda civic- i had not even had my car on the road for more than 3 days when there was this primergrey ricer,bodykit,big fart cannon in middle of car, you know that mnakes it really fast right? was cruising along minding my own business and along hes comes up behind me ,so i go ahead and switch lanes, then i hear the most horrendous sound of his motor winding up, i push on the gas and we are side by side , got tired of playing and put the hammer down, my car went raaawwwmmp! and off i went , blew past him like he was sitting still. after that he just followed me and quit racing lol.( to note that i had a broken tranny with 3-4 bands toasted, and broken leaky exhuast makes it that much funnier.)
kil#2 v6 ford fusion- stopped at a light and the girl driving the fusion decided to punch it at green she had a head start i cuaght up and blew past her.

Smile wipe#1 buick century
some guys where luaghing and pointing at my car at a stop light, light went green, wupped thier car uphill then went on my merry way. they quit smiling as my car sounds agressive now lol:headbang::banana: