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Damn Bugs - BECG - 09-01-2005

I am trying everything.. what can I do on road trips to keep them from adhering to my paint. I found my first blemish yesterday.. a huge bug hit my front bumper and pealed up the clear coat on impact. ARGGGG!
How do i keep them from sticking..and how do i get them off when they do stick??

Damn Bugs - Mineral 5Speed GT - 09-02-2005

Stop going 125 MPH Tongue

Damn Bugs - SeventyCutlass S - 09-02-2005

i use BUG & TAR remover. after using it a few times it gets really easy to remove the bugs, cause they dont stick as hard

Damn Bugs - CaptainZilog - 09-02-2005

Coat your car in an inch thick layer of vasoline.

Damn Bugs - BECG - 09-02-2005

Oh..Is that why the stick?? I only go 120 though?? And someone told me to spray the front of the car with PAM before I go on road trips? Is this true??

and im not having much luck with the bug, tar and treesap remover. These bugs are made extra strong or something.

Damn Bugs - CaptainZilog - 09-02-2005

Saran wrap? Transparent teflon? Get a bra for it to put on when you go on trips?

Damn Bugs - BECG - 09-02-2005

So the PAM nonstick spray is a bad idea??

Damn Bugs - xstorque - 09-02-2005

I don't know if Pam will work or not, but it shouldn't hurt to try it. Let us know what happens.

FWIW, whenever bug remains become problematic, try using a microfiber towel with some isopropyl alcohol. The micro hooks in the microfiber towel will be much better than a cotton towel at removing the remains. The alcohol works well too. You will have to re-wax the area since it will strip off the wax etc. but that's true even if you use bug & tar remover( which is a solvent). Cheers. Cool

Damn Bugs - SeventyCutlass S - 09-02-2005

WOW! i am going to try that on the Linc. now.

Damn Bugs - 68Stang - 09-02-2005

3M clear bra. Go to a good installer though.