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Full Version: no SOUND from stock unit...
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Just tried a differant jbl amp. still no sound from spkrs. bought a stock cd unit from a markVIII , put it into my 1990lsc an tried that, still no sound. have power from Gray cable in trunk to amp, any clues???BTW; stock cass deck & cd player power up, all buttons function. vol shows going up/down, tunes into stations etc...:chin:
Blown speakers?
no- the speakers work, that much I know. I did originally have one of those amp by-pass harness in trunk,and w/no amp connected it produced a low low volume, kinda got staticy if turned up radio to loud. Im kinda wondering if there 's some other wires or connector in trunk area that would cause the amp not to boost signal or sound? anybody have pictures of trunk/amp area??
amp dosent seem to be turning on? anybody have a wiring diagram for a 95 model cd /ford deck.