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Full Version: ABS low pressure hose
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Found what i think is the leak in my ABS system, looks like there is a high and low pressure hose on the ABS unit, 1 at the bottom of the reservoir and 1 at the back toward the firewall, that is the one i replaced, but i couldn't find the specific hose so i use fuel line hose, will that hold up on the low pressure side, and with that if the high side goes what is a good substitute. ( well that didn't last long)
still unable to pin point the leak, anyone ever had a brake fluid leak from around the ABS unit
Is the LP hose saturated with fluid? That's the clue that revealed the leak on "Old Blue" just recently. I filled the reservoir before looking at the hose so replacement will wait until the reservoir is low again.
W. V. Kelly
i am getting what I thinks hard pedal, but they seem to have always been that way, i have been driving 3 different cars lately so it hard to tell sometimes,but do have like a chirping sound, i did replace the LP hose but i still had a leak, frame rail is full of fluid, i had it cleaned up and last week, it did not leak but reservoir was half full, would it be like that if not under pressure and then the level goes up, maybe i over filled it, brake man is pointing to leaking pressure switch, your thoughts, i am thinking of parting out the black se and pull the abs for myself.
<p>thanks to the member here who sent me the ABS unit, I didn't completely change out, instead I took the pressure switch and changed that only so I now have brakes, no whistling sounds and leaks, my mechanic told me the Local ford dealer will have new pressure switches in next month, so I may buy one and replace the one I took out, hopefully that will mean I a good spare, he said price is like $250 but i guess thats good price from dealer.</p>