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Full Version: Major Server Upgrade Completed - Please Critique
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The server has been upgraded with twice as many CPUs (8) and twice as much memory (I think 8gb). PLEASE let me know how the changes have affected your experience. I need to know whether or not to finalize what I've done - or look for other options.

Thank you very much! Your input is greatly appreciated...
Any input? Anyone?
I just went through all my unread content from the weekend, and no lags at all. I would normally see quite a few delays looking at that many posts.
2 thumbs up!!
It's definitely peppier.
Cool. Thank you...
Yeah, it's much better.
disregard, sorry, the forum had logged me out for some reason so I didn't notice
The site would not allow me to connect to my profile so I had to create a new one :wtf:
Haven't been on in quite some time. I like it!!! Much quicker and the new theme is much easier on my eyes.
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