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Took the Notch to the track Sat. Lightening took out the timeing system at the track so no time slips but we found out what we needed to know. Useing the boost controller we cranked it up from 13lb to 16lb and the improvement was remarkable.
Track conditions were good although it was sort of a cool night--my air temp was 124 deg.
On slicks at 12psi 3rd gear pull at wot breaks it loose> Data log shows max boost through 1st and 2nd 10 -12 lb 3rd gear makes 16 and it comes on pretty quick. We did have some action with a few f-bods no real competition though.

Looks like a little chassi tuneing is in order
sounds like fun, did you test and tune at ennis or is there oa track closer than that to you?
Quote:sounds like fun, did you test and tune at ennis or is there oa track closer than that to you?

THere is a track 39 miles south of me. It was rebuilt over the winter and now is concrete all the way. Really nice--best track this side of Ennis. 39 miles compared to 300+ no brainer
sounds like the tracks might be part of the problem as well,
if its fresh concrete may take a couple events before its good sticky all the way down.
Yeah the track does need more traffic. Trying to get the owner to put on a Ford vs Chev--allow any LS type to run--make a 2 day event out of it. Ford would be WAY out numbered and we would get our ass handed to us but it would it would be lots of fun --and make lots of traffic on the track
They may hand you your ass


I am looking for Some answers on this upgrade. How much more do you get from the turbo and the tune? Also Does anyone know where I would be able to get a 19T and the tune from for a good price???